Monday, March 3, 2014

SNAP Challenge continued

It is Day 4 of SNAP Challenge.

The yogurt I made is running low and so are my fresh fruits.  As much as I tried to space it out carefully, I consumed the fruits when I was hungry. It seems that the last couple days of the SNAP Challenge are going to be the most difficult with the least choices.  I have 2 cups of yogurt left and 3 days of breakfast.  I have 1 banana and 2 apples left. I am  definitely NOT eating the government recommendations of 5 fruits and vegetables or 3 glasses of milk a day.  I am really wishing I bought eggs because I am getting tired of eating yogurt and oats each morning.  However, I am getting more creative with the few items I have left in the panty.  Oatmeal cookie made with oats, banana and a teaspoon of sugar, cool right?

My boyfriend Ian is not doing the SNAP challenge with me and needless to say I am getting very envious of the expensive cheeses and crackers I've seen him eat. I also found about 1/2 cup of yogurt left in the sink that he didn't eat this morning.  It was upsetting to see food go to waste especially knowing I am running low on my own food.  It's sad to think about the piles and piles of food that is wasted in this world, especially in the catering business.

Day 4 Breakfast:

On another note, I am lucky I am at home studying and have a little time to spare to prepare some of these food items.  If I was working 7 days a week, I wouldn't have the luxury of preparing yogurt, dried beans or oat bars.  If I wasn't at home to cook, my weekly shopping items would have been more processed and not as healthy.  With that being said, time to stop talking SNAP and time to start studying...



Daniel said...

Sounds crazy difficult. Makes me think of how difficult things get in Nicaragua. And even more so since so many don't have refrigerators there.

cook it JZ said...

yes, I can't imagine doing this without a refrigerator. Food is so much more costly when you can't buy in bulk. One of the most difficult parts for me was time spent cooking... I would've had to cook so much more frequently if I didn't have a fridge. Or I would've had to chose more processed quick foods.